Smoked Cottage Ham

$ 18.99

Our boneless smoked pork shoulder is mild and tasty. Simmer in your favorite Bean or Lentil soup or cook with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes for a hearty meal the whole family will enjoy.

  • Keep Refrigerated.
  • Approximate product weight:
  • Three pound ham.
  • Cured with: Water, Salt, Sodium Lactate, Dextrose, Sodium Phosphate, Monosodium Glutamate

Customer Reviews

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Mary Stevens
Cottage ham, potatoes, green beans….YUMMY

We had cottage ham when I was young, but I have since moved several places where they did not even know what it was. Thank you, Schmalzs for mail order!!

Ray Michalek
General Review

The Schmalz's products that I have tried are absolutely delicious. I have already reviewed and highly recommended each one of your head cheese, cottage ham, bogi ham and kielbasa. I will continue the reviews as I try new items.

My few questions were addressed by Mr. John Schmalz, owner and operator of Schmalz's, and Ms. Marissa Palmer, manager extraordinaire of the online ordering department and much more. My belated thanks for their most helpful advice.

Orders arrive quickly in temperature controlled insulated containers with many ice packs that are still solid when the package is delivered.

Over all I am pleased to say that Schmalz's offers products and service that are exceptional and hard to find these days.

Thank you for your efforts and customer concern.

Dawn Franz
Cottage Ham

This Cottage Ham was excellent!!!

Ray Michalek 1
Cottage Ham compared to Bogi Ham

The taste of both hams is excellent. Each is cured and smoked to perfection and are ready to eat. If you wish you may simmer the hams for a while to heat. While heating you may add some small potatoes. As soon as the potatoes are done so is the ham.
The Cottage Ham is delicious. It is a lean with just a bit of fat that adds to the flavor.
The Bogi Ham is also delicious. It is firm with no fat and the fixings for a great sandwich.
I recommend both. Enjoy!

Ray Michalek
A Delicious Piece of Gently Cured and Smoked Pork

The smoked cottage ham from Schmalz's is a delicious piece of pork gently cured in brine and smoked. I highly recommend it.
It is ready to eat so just a short time simmering to heat it makes for a very simple preparation. It's ready by the time the potatoes done or before the beans are cooked.
This cottage ham is a cut from the pig's shoulder and in my opinion has a better taste than ham from the pig's upper hind leg.

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