About Us

Otto & AmandaGrowing up in a small village in Bavaria, Otto had dreams of moving to America and starting his own business. As a young man, he began to learn the butcher trade in his hometown. After spending several years perfecting his craft, he decided it was time to strike out on his own. in 1956, together with his new bride Amanda, Otto immigrated to New York City. Arriving in this large metropolis with little more then the knowledge he gained during his apprenticeship and natural talents, Otto set out to carry out his childhood dreams. Otto began to work for several top name provision manufacturers. However, through he was working in the field he loved, he still yearned to begin his own business. 
Otto In 1972, after much hard work and sacrifice, Otto's American dream became a reality when he and Amanda opened their first store in Woodbridge, NJ. In this store they began selling top quality homemade meats, made on site. The demand for Otto's authentic products grew greatly and he soon expanded to a secondary location in nearby Clark, NJ. Soon the business extended to embrace a second generation, their children John and Martina. Through the years, Schmalz's has seen many periods of expansion, from local retail store to large quantity distribution and private labeling. Schmalz's European Provisions now resides as a U.S.D.A certified and inspected manufacturing facility located in Springfield, NJ. Today, Schmalz's not only sells locally, but also ships from coast to coast and internationally.