Head Cheese

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Sometimes called Souse or Sulze Head Cheese is not cheese at all. Our headcheese is made using pork tongues and gelatin along with seasonings that include garlic. An old fashioned favorite.

  • Keep Refrigerated.
  • Approximate product weight:
  • One pound piece.
  • Ingredients: Pork Tongues, Water, Pork Snouts, Gelatin, Garlic, Spice, Sodium Nitrite

Customer Reviews

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Ray Michalek
Best Head Cheese I know.

The Head Cheese from Schmalz's is a quality mix of pork tongue, snout and rind slowly stewed with spices in particular garlic for hours which when ready sets to yield a wonderful aspic or a natural meat jelly with a nice garlic flavor.
It reminds me of a Czechoslovakian dish that my grandfather and mother made but lost to me. The headcheese certainly comes close but without the bones from the pig's feet.
Try a piece. You may love it.

Thierry Flamant
Not always the best?

Your headcheese is normally delicious. It is addictive.
But the one I bought yesterday from European Deli in Marietta seems to contain a lot more gelatin than usual. In fact, entirely too much.
Is that a one time impression or did the receipe change?

Bob Lintner
Brings back memories of childhood

I haven't had such good head cheese since growing up many years ago. Great garlic flavor, JUST GREAT! I recently discovered Schmalz Foods and will continue to make purchases from them.
I would like to see Schmalz carry Metwurst, either coarse or fine grind.

Erika Mallinger
Head Cheese

Your Head Cheese is the best ever. Unfortunately, only the International Market in Las Vegas, NV carries it - sometimes - last visit to this Market had no Schmalz's products at all - Is there another place in Las Vegas that carries Schmalz's stuff?

Comfort food

To me this tastes like the holidays my grandmother was from Germany and made items like this than I used to be able to find farmer's markets in PA now they're becoming more and more difficult to find thank you for making such a great product